If we dont change, we don’t grow.
If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
— Gail Sheehy

Headout's new identity: a deep dive into the why, what and how

Presenting a fresher, cooler, bolder and newer Headout — home to the world's most exceptional experiences.

Over the years we’ve realised that we’ve outgrown ourselves. We want to be clearer about who we are, and share our whole selves with the wider world our way: unusual and unabashed.

In a world where others sell communities, personalities and symbolism — we want make our own path and sell an ideology.

To break the mould and to inspire people to want to Headout.

Purps, Candy, and a familiar blimp

We love our blimp! Over the years it's become the face of Headout, so we gave it a slight facelift — smoother lines, a softer tail and no windows.

Next to our blimp sits a brand new wordmark. Boasting a much taller x-height and an improved finesse, it ensures even better legibility at even smaller sizes.

In a sea full of reds and greens, Purps our new brand colour is unabashedly itself. A toast to all the dreams, aspirations, mysteries and potential we house as people.

Candy is a promise to give them all life, bring them to reality — the splash of magic our experiences deliver. Together with Slate Black and White, they form the foundations of our new brand pallete.

Of course, Purps and Candy on their own aren't enough to represent the world's best

To support them, we've crafted a fresh, bold and vibrant color pallete. One that stands out, prioritizes accessibility and looks aesthetically pleasing while doing so!

Dreamy Pale
Peachy Orange
Joy Mustard
Hola Yellow
Subtle Green
Okay Green
Ocean Blue
Link Blue
Headout Purps
Headout Candy
Warning Red

👋 Say hello to Halyard

Based on extensive typography evaluation — with criteria based on structural features, regions we are serving and our expansion plan, we decided to go with the Halyard Type Family by Darden Studio.

It's distinct glyphs and large x-height make it perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Our Headings boast rounded characters of Halyard Display, while paragraphs are handled by Hayard Text with its superior reading experience.

💅 Meet the new Headout

One pixel at a time, one token at a time, one step forward at a time: we’re elated to show off what we’ve been cooking. Our palette and fonts are bold choices and, dare we say, polarising — and that’s kinda the point. In a world ridden with similarities and follower-ship, we want to be our own authentic self.

While crafting this new look, we were clear on marrying usability, seamlessness and delight in equal parts. Everything was thoroughly tested with user research, interviews, endless conversations and then the same all over again and again.

We iterated, validated and rolled out our new look over time as our Design and Engineering teams worked together over months and brought this vision to life. Our engineers are obsessed with all things design, and we love them for it! 🤗

We can’t wait for you to take it for a spin!

Our new identity isn't the end of a journey but a marker to the start of a new one. It is the foundation to the next wave of magical experiences to be built on top of it.

In 2021, we've grown 9x and are bursting at our seams (in a good way). And to achieve our mission, we need your help. If what we do and why we do what we do is something that resonates with you - we'd love to talk to you!